MZ Wallace Metro Pouch: The Essential Bag Insert for Every Mom

The MZ Wallace Metro Pouch is the essential bag insert for every mom. Lightweight, spacious, colorful, and filled with pockets, the MZ Wallace Metro Pouch provides a solution for moms who struggle to carry their personal items in a diaper bag. The Metro Pouch can easily store what you need and be slipped inside your diaper bag. But here’s the best part: when you don’t want to carry your diaper bag, all you have to do is slip it inside your smaller tote and you’re good to go! No frantic repacking or fear of forgetting your wallet, medication, keys, snacks or phone. Everything fits inside! It’s pretty enough to be used as a clutch if that’s your thing. But if the MZ Wallace Metro Pouch had a ring on each side that allowed for you to easily attach a strap and covert it into a crossbody bag (like a larger MZ Wallace Crosby) it would be a game changer.

How I Use the MZ Wallet Metro Pouch:

The MZ Wallace Metro Pouches are like chips. You can’t have just one. I chose neutral colors that can be used all seasons. I have the MZ Wallace Rose Gold Metro Pouch and the MZ Wallace Hologram Metro Pouch (which is an awesome bright yellow inside). I use them inside my MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe. One pouch holds all my personal essential items, the other I use to hold a change of clothes for my kids. It fits underwear, two pants, two shirts and has room to spare! I want more.

Lesson Learned From This Post

If you’re always stressing about ways to organize your diaper bags and how to store your personal items in a diaper bag, the MZ Wallace Metro Pouch is your solution. Carry inside your diaper bag and then easily transfer into your tote when you need to run to a store or are on some valuable “me-time.”

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