Maggie Bags: The Tote that Supports Women in Need

One easy way to empower women in need is to encourage their recoveries, help them get back on their feet, and donate to causes that assist these efforts. I recently came across Maggie Bags on Instagram and was compelled to support the company after I read their mission:

Maggie Bags help battered and broken women around the world. The Maggie Bag Project was born out of the vision of a good friend of Maggie Bags’ parent company, Stability First, Susan Hobson.  Susan is a gifted seamstress and quilter.  She and her colleagues in the Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilters Guild in Martinsville, IN agreed to share their knowledge with some of the women at the Magdalene House, teaching them not only to sew, but also envisioning that the women would learn many of the nuances of running a small business including product design, marketing, production, equipment maintenance, quality assurance, e-commerce, and shipping.  When positions are available, residents in other community shelters are also eligible to participate and learn. All proceeds from the sale of Maggie Bags are re-invested in the ministries of Stability First.

In partnership with the women in the Magdalene house, we work closely with Purnaa, an organization in Nepal focused on creating jobs for marginalized women and men across their country. Every Maggie Bag is touched by two women: one in Nepal and one in Indiana. With every purchase, you’re providing life and sustenance for women literally around the world.

Choosing my first Maggie Bag (I say that because I plan to get another for other seasons!) was tough. There are a lot of cute patterns for summer. I ended up going with a flamingo bag for a few reasons:

-I needed a new durable summer bag to take with me on daily walks

-It had my favorite color combos of pink, gray and mint

-The reverse pattern of black and white palm trees is also really cool

Yes, reversible!

It’s like two bags in one. Who doesn’t love a deal?

When my Maggie Bag arrived, I got a little teary. There was a tag attached that actually shared the story of the woman who made my bag. She’s a recovering addict who lost her family and her life, but the Magdalene House is helping her get back on her feet. And my purchase is letting her know I believe she can do it.

Here's my Maggie Bag with my MZ Wallace Metro Pouch

So, as you may know, I am tote bag obsessed and always on the hunt for the perfect bag.

Here’s why I love my Maggie Bag:

-The patterns are fun and colorful

-The straps are wide and comfortable and the bag can be worn as a crossbody (so far no shoulder pain)

-It’s lightweight and made of durable material that can be knocked around and washed

-It’s a great mid-size bag

-There are two pockets- one on the outside and one on the inside. These pockets are perfect because I have my phone in one for easy access and a bottle of water in the other. I always like a separate holder for water in case it leaks.

The one con: No zipper. For this reason, I couldn’t use it as an everyday purse. But it’s a great tote for carrying extra things. Or for carrying your essentials on a walk or being outside.

Here’s how I use my Maggie Bag:

I use my MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe as my #1 bag (I have to write a blog about this bag!). It’s filled to the brim with everything I need for my kids and myself, from band-aids and Benadryl to an extra change of clothes, snacks, four water bottles (one for everyone in the family)… you get the point. There’s a lot in there. So I need another smaller, lighter bag to carry my essentials when I go for walks or somewhere on my own. That’s where the Maggie Bag comes in. I simply pull it out of my MZ Wallace Metro Tote Deluxe–where it is easily stored—and throw in my MZ Wallace Metro Pouch (where I organize all my personal essentials) and I’m good to go!

Lesson Learned From This Post:

Maggie Bags makes online shopping for a new tote guilt-free because you know your money spent is going towards helping a woman in need jumpstart her new beginning.

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