6 Easy Ways to Save Money That You Never Thought About

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I’ve been on a mission to save not spend. Here are some things I’ve tried that are working!

  1. Limiting my time on social media. Less scrolling reduces the number of ads you’re served. (Plus, it helps your mental health to be away from all the negativity and scary news of the world.) 
  1. Unfollowing my favorite brands on social media and email. This was hard. I love online shopping. But I can’t be tempted to shop if I’m not following my favorite brands or getting their newsletters. When I need something, I will intentionally have to go to their website or social pages to see if they have the product that meets my needs. 
  1. Removing my stored credit card information on my phone. No more one-click buying. I now have to get up and grab my debit card to manually enter my information. Some sites do still have it stored, but those are the ones where I get my essentials, not my splurges.
  1. Saying mantras. I have a vision board and notes around my desk that remind me of my goals for the year.
  1. Depositing into a new bank account. Start depositing money into a new bank account that you can’t touch! Bonus points if you don’t give yourself online access to easily transfer the funds.
  1. Leaving items in my shopping cart. It’s so easy to get caught up in the journey of shopping. I love the chase of researching for the luxury product I want. I check all websites to see if I can find it at the lowest possible price. I’ll watch it for weeks, or months. But when I see sales for everyday products, like a shirt on clearance from Nordstrom Rack, I think I scored big and need to get it ASAP before it sells out. So, I add the item to my cart and then sign off. If I am still wanting it or thinking about it a week later and it’s still in my cart, then maybe it’s meant to be and I’ll confirm my purchase. But usually, I get over it and I’m happy I decided not to get it because it really wasn’t necessary. I just wanted it.

This is an emotional journey, my ladies. But we can shop smarter. 

Lesson Learned from This Post:  

On a mission to save money? Start with your phone! Unfollow your favorite brands on social media, make your time online intentional, and remove all your stored credit card info so you can’t make speedy indulgent purchases.

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