We all need a “Beast Friend”

We all need a “beast friend.”

This is the person you can call and vent to at any time. The person who will let you yell at them because you are so mad at your partner, or maybe your kid or another family member or friend. In other words, someone you can go to when you are in full-out “beast” mode and air all your dirty laundry so you can go back to the source of your discontent and speak to them rationally and in a calm demeanor. Or maybe email them. That’s what I tend to do. 

Having a beast friend is so important. Your beast friend can help you save a relationship, or  become a better parent, just by listening. They can also offer thoughts from the opposing side, so you can clearly see the full picture beyond your emotions. Of course, they will most likely agree with you and back you up when you need support.

I came to this realization one day after talking to my beast friend. We have a lot in common, from both having dealt with anxiety issues after the birth of our kids, to also both having three and five-year-olds. We’re experiencing the same parenting struggles that accompany these stages of life. And we’re both working from home in the middle of it all…with our husbands, who we have been with non-stop in quarantine for the past three months. Emotions run high on all ends. 

I feel so much better after I sneak outside to call my beast friend and get things off my chest. I can go back into my house to my family and feel refreshed.

Wait… who am I kidding?

You know, when I sneak outside in the yard to call my beast friend, my kids are right behind me a second later. I’m a mom. I don’t get personal space!

Lesson Learned From This Post


Everyone needs a “beast friend” who they can yell and scream at so they can go back to their spouse or kids and be totally rational and calm.

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