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Hi everyone!!

Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power (@princessgenevievebook) officially releases on Amazon tomorrow/ June 15th! For the past year I have worked so hard to publish and promote the book and have dreamed of debuting as a #1 New Release in my category. I’ve had a lot of odds against me, beginning with being in the same category of books as Barbie and Disney Princesses, to COVID impacting Amazon and my book being taken off of pre-sale, and now it’s really more important to buy books to teach our kids about racism or ones that spotlight people of color. But I will still try my hardest to meet my goal. And you can help.

If you pre-ordered my book on Amazon and have a copy in your hands (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) can you please go back and leave me a review? Here is the link. You can also go on your Amazon order history.

Here’s to showing girls of all races that they have the power to write their own story and be the hero of it too!

Princess Genevieve is a book to empower ALL GIRLS to live their best lives, chase their dreams, and make a difference in the world. It features illustrations of Genevieve with her friends of all races and while that’s not the main message of the book, I am glad that one year ago when I wrote this book, I did include diverse characters and touch on this important messaging.

This is a book to bring joy into your lives at a time when we need it most, and help teach our girls valuable life lessons. There are also talking points at the end for parents to have discussions with their kids, and games!

I hope you will use @princessgenevievebook to brighten not only your summer, but inspire your life. 🤍🖤

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