New Children’s Book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power, Coming in 2020

I’m so excited to be releasing my first children’s book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power. I was inspired to write this as I planned my daughter Genevieve’s princess-themed 5th birthday party. I wanted to make and give out a book about my daughter as a special gift, because every princess needs her own story! But then, I decided to go even bigger and empower all young girls to chase their dreams and make the book available for everyone. So I hired an illustrator (the super talented Nancy Lane at Firefly Graphic Design), buckled down and wrote many drafts, had my friends who are teachers and media editors review it, re-wrote it and now, finally we are in the layout phase. I’ll be self-publishing in early 2020. The website is a work in progress and I will be sure to announce when that’s ready too.


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Hero With Girl Power is an inspirational community to empower girls of all ages and life stages. From recent college grads with aspiring careers, to those starting new chapters as newly single women, and of course, the moms reaching for the stars while they have a child reaching for their hand. The Facebook group is a forum to discuss raising daughters, dream chasing, women to help women and more.

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And if you’re wondering about my daughter’s princess-themed birthday party… it was an adorable royal ball–but no books were given out as favors! She dressed as Elsa and I scored this perfect tapestry of Cinderella’s Castle from Society Six to use as a photo area.


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