My interview with Brit & Co.

I’ve had food allergies my whole life. I’m allergic to raw fruits, vegetables, honey, soy–and since the birth of my kids, nuts and some fish. This makes it very difficult to be vegetarian or even vegan, which I am in my heart. Unfortunately, in order to be a healthy and functioning human, I need to eat diary, eggs and… chicken (the only meat I force myself to eat and pretend it wasn’t once alive). When I heard Brit & Co. was doing a story on food allergies, I had to jump into the conversation! I got to be my own publicist and pitch myself for the story. Here it is! Please read, it’s great insight into the world of food allergies and what it’s like living with this “disability,” as I consider it!

What It’s Like to Live With a Severe Food Allergy

Lesson learned from this post: Having food allergies is a serious thing and more places should accommodate those who suffer. Until then, please accept that we choose to eat safe and only our own food.